with Alison Smith
Ahn Wells and Alison Smith are known for their explorations of abstraction as a process, as a way of exploring the visual world, subTRACTION sees both artists honing their focus on concerns of materiality.
19 – 29  June 2015
Art Systems Wickham


Your Collection: The extended Version
Group exhibition of works to reflect the diversity of Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery’s  permanent collection. With 4 Hunter based emerging artists, responding to the collection as ‘artists in residence’
A gallery project coordinated by Rob Cleworth and Meryl Ryan
29 May – 19 July 2015
Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

AHN WELLS UNTITLED III 2002 for screen
image: Unititled III (2002) 3 layers pierced and cut stonehenge paper

My last begging, Ha!!Ha!!Ha!! and the piano has been drinking
Group exhibition celebrating the retirement of Cultural Director, Joe Eisenberg
from MRAG
24 April – 21 June 2015
Maitland Regional Art Gallery

DSC_0213 copy
image: Book Five